How to use Plasmic editor in my web app?


I am going to integrate the plasmic in my web app .

can you help me?

I want to use plasmic editor in my web app.

is it possible?

Hi! Just sent you a link in the other thread

Hi @inclined_boar Can you also send me the link? Would be really helpful.

Hi @fantastic_cuckoo ! oh I meant this thread:
Are you also using Nuxt?

@inclined_boar NextJS actually.

So basically i am trying to implement a website builder into my nextjs app.

Can i use Plasmic to do that? I know i can create components in Plasmic. But can i integrate the plasmic’s own editor tool into my app and use it?

I put it in General channel also. Thought i could share it here.

Yup sure, just replied there