How to use Plasmic with Hugo?

I’d like to try using this with Hugo, where should I start in the docs? (also planning to use the code-gen path)

Also, are the docs open source if this work could turn into a helpful example for the docs?

Hi Tony, we’ve not completed Plasmic’s support for Hugo as of today, but you can definitely try all of this out with React/Gatsby and all the other supported frameworks.

Can Plasmic generate html only components? I’m ok with the “make this work with my hugo codebase”

Is that the vanilla JS route?

Yes! For Hugo and other frameworks, you can use Plasmic with the REST API (and vanilla JS just uses that).

You do have the choice when querying the REST API whether you want JS hydration or not (if you want it to be pure HTML+CSS)

mostly what I want to do (at this point) is create Hugo partials for various sections on my landing pages (page content not generated via markdown)

It would be great if they could reference Hugo data, but not necessary if I can edit the text directly

So excited to dig in later tonight!

must… get… work… done… first…