Image overflowing into other images

I have an image that keeps overflowing into other images… I have played with size, margins, padding, made sure there are no overflow properties I didn’t see, and even tried changing to contain rather than cover, and nothing changes it. I don’t see a z-index set on anything, either, but it’s appearing behind the image next to it. Kind of weird… Would love a little help getting this to size correctly and stay in its column… Thanks!

Hi @tricky_hoverfly! Could you point me to this image element? Feel free to DM me the project

Thanks Victor.

I’m sure you’ll notice it, but go to the Portfolio section, and the top center image. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

I think the macbook image is taking more space than the “device section” because it has “Position: Free”, which makes it absolutely positioned and not be taken into account when computing the section size

But I don’t see how it would cause this. I recently changed some of the images in the project section… with the previous image, it wasn’t doing this.

Oops, sorry I was thinking of the macbook image in the “device section”, but I think you were talking about the blue dash.png image, it is right? In this case, I think you can set max width to 100% in the link that is the parent of the image

Tried it… there was an effect, but now it’s just that it stretches too far in front (higher z-index, somehow) instead of in back… no matter what I do, it will not get smaller…