Images showing up briefly on mobile

We have some images that are in the desktop version of our site but not in the mobile version. Still whenever we load the mobile version those images are loaded and are on a screen for a split second. Please help in resolving this issue.

Hi @giddy_silkworm! On Plasmic studio, there are two ways to make an element hidden: “not visible” (equivalent to CSS display none) and “not rendered” (uses a React context). If an image that is not supposed to be visible is flashing, it is probably set to “not rendered”. You should be able to fix the flashing by setting it to “not visible”.

The elements have always been set to “not rendered” on the smartphone version - yet they still appear for a brief second, as you see in the video. This was not a problem over a month ago.

Could you try using “not visible” instead?

We face this problem in both case.

Can you please share the ID of the project where the image is set to “not visible” and is flashing in a breakpoint it is not supposed to be visible so I can take a closer look?

Ok hopping in your Chat.