imageUrl prop getting me an object rather than a string?

linking an imageUrl type to a prop in a component - normally i get a string back (domain, but in one instance I’m getting an object back {src, width, height, aspectRatio} (domain:

what’s the discrepancy between these the setup seems identical on my side

amateur here user here… but if I understand correctly… you have a code component and it’s prop (value provided in plasmic studio) is coming back as unexpected type? We hit similar issue and learned that in plasmic_host.jsx, when you register code components, you also specify prop types.

registerComponent(MyImage, {
  name: 'MyImage',
  props: {
    src: {
      type: 'string', /*HERE*/
      defaultValue: '',
  importPath: './components/MyImage',

@efficient_pelican Are you able to point to which instance you’re seeing this in?

@yang mRKWSMy8wyKwe3EjpDLbA and it’s my Media component. i can dm you more info if you need it

bumping this we’re kinda at a stand still right now

When you say normally you get a string but in one instance you’re getting an object… which instance is this? (Or is this happening for all Media components and not other components?)