Import Code Component from different project

The import Plasmic project into another Plasmic project is great. However, I spotted that my registered Code Components are not show up in the parent project. This is quite a blocker.

This is what happening right now:
Design System built with Plasmic Project A - this contains a lot of Code Components - Publish this project.
Import Plasmic Project A into Plasmic Project B - only the Components built natively with Plasmic will show up, all the Code Components do not show up.

Is there any plan to allow us to import published Plasmic Code Components into another project?

Thank you

You can just set the application host of the dependent app to that the same host, and then your code components will be directly available in the dependents.

We should generally not allow projects to depend on other projects with different app hosts, since ultimately at runtime all those same code components must be available via the application.