Inquiries about Plasmic Platform's compatibility and functionality

Hey Guys , i have some questions regarding this Plasmic Platform , can someone please answer me

  1. Is this Platform compatible with the Contentful Headless CMS .
  2. Will the Plasmic App fetch data if i connect it to Shopify as Data Source.
  3. I am currently using Shopstory Visual Page Builder (an app just like shopstory), which one is better ?


  1. Yes, if you search for contentful or go into the CMS section in the drawer (after you press the blue add button in the left) you should see the contentful option.
  2. Yes, we also have a shopify integration
  3. I am biased for this question, what I can say it’s that it’s important to know that Shopify Visual Page Builders are focused in integrating with Shopify with a focus in e-commerce, Plasmic is a more generic UI visual builder, so you have more freedom to create your UI, but this may demand thinking a bit more. In summary, different products with different goals, the better one depends in which goals you have in mind.

actually i am facing a glitch from shop story , whenever i change a Product from Active to Draft in my shopify store that Product ID doesnt get fetched by Shop story and my whole website breaks just because of that. i have to manually put that specific Product to draft from Shop story myself. Will this kind of thing happen in Plasmic if i switch from Shop story to Plasmic ? I need to be sure @fmota

Sorry, I didn’t quite follow your issue, as you mentioned that you change the status twice. But we shouldn’t have any issues with fetching your data.

i mean i changed it from my shopify store from active to draft . But as my CMS in connected with shopify it fetches all the data except for the one Product which i currently put from active to draft on Shopify. But it does not change the status on shop story instead shop story says it is unable to fetch that Product. So i was wondering if this scenario would happen in case with Plasmic ? If you could test it at your end it would be really helpful… Regards ! @fmota

I won’t be able to test it right now, but I will look into it and notify you

That would be really Kind of You . Thankyou !

Have You Looked into it ? @fmota

Not yet

Please let me know when you do @fmota

I tested it out, no issues with changing status

I see, thankyou @fmota