Inquiring about Plasmic's roadmap for Design Systems

I’m curious what Plasmic’s roadmap for Design Systems is? For instance, I have been looking into design systems and could imagine that the Style Presets could be a good way to store the styles for a Design System; but for doing so, I think things would get a little unruly w/o being to nest and collapse groups.

We don’t have anything grand planned for it, there are some ways to achieve Design Systems, for example, internally we have a project that contains the Design System that is imported by all the projects that compose Plasmic Studio. but we do see some room for simplification and improvements.

ya, I think a good comparable Design System that makes sense to have parity with is AWS UI Library; especially with how they’ve integrated Figma into their offering. It’d take down a significant amount of leg work if there was a starter or some way to have the primitives and what not already available within the system so it’d be easier to develop some consistency

(i’m also not anything close to a designer; i’m just thinking out loud)