Is it possible to have folders in the pages list

Is it somehow possible to have folders in the page section?

I plan to gave a product with different variants, and having a folder would be very useful for structure

Hi Ernest, let me know if I understood it correctly, you want in the studio to be able to have a way to have separated pages based in some grouping by folders so that you can have different products that share some components/variants/tokens/… but with differences ? We don’t have something like that currently, but if you have different products one good idea would be having different projects to both and if you want to reuse something from another project you can import it in the left sidebar import section, does it make sense to you ?

In a way that’s aditional good thing. however what i mean exactly is for example Product1/100g or Product1/200g.

For example here i would like to have folder capability


Wow, I completely misunderstood what you meant, okay I see your point now, this is definitely something to be improved