Is Plasmic going to support React server components?

how should we be thinking about plasmic in regards to server components? Is there a way to use it now, or will it require some changes on plasmic side

or any general tips for using the new App directory in Next?

Plasmic content has to be rendered as client components for now. Plasmic components make use of React contexts, and the code is also dynamically fetched, so there’s no way for the bundler to know which components are server or client.

got it - is there movement towards this? or not really on the radar

though - using the new app/layout structure in next - using them as client components is still valid. my brain is kinda twisted in knots trying to figure out how to utilize the new nested layouts for a subnav

in addition to having the root [[…catchall]] i’d need different app folders for /products/[slug] and /education/[slug] etc -

i’d imagine each of those will be somewhat clones of [[…catchall]] and handle the prepass, and fetching any components that the layout uses.


We haven’t really dug into it yet, but I believe you’ll be able to use [[...catchAll]] as well in app/layout: