Is Plasmic tracking website visitor cookies with Posthog?

[Possible GDPR ISSUE]
Is Plasmic collecting website visitation data with Posthog? :thinking_face:

Is forced or is a way to disable loading the Posthog script? Can’t find anything about this in the docs. Are you tracking usage?

GDPR for European countries requires that users consent and are informed of usage. As a an agency that develops websites with Plasmic for clients in EU, we would need to able to do both for clients and their visitors. Where data is stored, what is collected and a way to opt-in and out of data collection.

I also viewed your privacy policy and it does not cover this specifically.

Hello! Analytics is a work in progress. We won’t be collecting any personally identifiable data, and will not be storing the data before launch. We will fully document this feature before launch too :slightly_smiling_face: However, we did start writing to a cookie, and we are now working on a fix for that.

Hello Chung! So you say that you won’t be collecting any personally identifiable data. But you will be collecting data?

So a website hosted in Vercel that uses the Plasmic Loader will be subjected to data collection without a supported way to opt out?


Hello! Yes we are currently planning to collect basic analytics on how Plasmic is used in the wild. We haven’t really considered letting users opt out of that yet, but it is a possibility…