Lefthand keyboard shortcuts to toggle left sidebars

@yang Come to think of it. Left side of my keyboard keys are my fastest shortcut. Is it possible to make alt+1-0 toggle-able similar to now you see, now you don’t?

alt+1 show left bar and activate outline tab / hide left bar

and if possible

alt+q show right bar / hide right bar

Thanks for the wonderful product.

This should already be the case! If you press alt 1 multiple times, you should see the left bar toggle visibility.

it’s not :sob:

Sorry for the regression!

customizable hotkeys are always a dream

It should work as expected now! :partying_face:

:+1:Great! It works perfectly :heart:
Your guys are awesome. :+1:

Let me know when there is a shortcut to collapse the right side bar. Just something eg. alt+q etc.

:+1: up~