Let options props have a searchable and more performant dropdown menu for options

And I’d love to have “options”-props to have a search-able and more performant drop-down menu for the options :slightly_smiling_face:
I have a code-component with a huge list of possible icon names…

Hey @stuck_guineafowl,
I think we can create a searchable options prop by following two approaches

  1. Create a Custom Control for options props
  2. Specify options using Props Control Function instead of directly adding the list.
    a. Prop Control Function let you filter the options based on the other props.
    b. You can register another prop say ( iconSearchText ) and use it inside the Prop Control function of options to filter the list of options to display.
    I would also like to have a simple searchable property inside the choice option to simply enable/disable search on the dropdown. But I think, it will introduce complexity when user want to have a custom criteria for the search.
    The above methods delegate the implementation to the user.


Oh wow that sounds good, thank you!

Makes sense for us to add an option to make it searchable too… :thinking_face: