Localization getting complex

Localization. We have been generating an added level of complexity by converting every single text element to a slot so we can have a script pick it up and send it to a third party localization software. Converting every text element to a slot also often changes the structure of the elements (e.g. adding boxes, so that the formatting may be preserved). Couple of thoughts: 1) Maybe make it possible to have a list of all node names in a project? This way we might be able to programmatically override text across the entire project, by naming the nodes appropriately and filtering. 2) Consider integrating with a third party localization software? For example, something like this would seem ideal → https://localazy.com/community/b2b-partnerships/custom-integrations Thank you.

Thanks; definitely something we’re thinking about. What localization framework are you using?

Thank you @chungwu i18next for Next.js