Making code component registration easier

I think code component is a bomb. It allows developers to register their own widgets and edit it in Plasmic studio. But this registering process is painful. Obviously a small team has limited hands to do it. What does Plasmic plan to do with this problem?

We agree it’s hard to get started with code components right now! Once you have app hosting set up, though, it should be pretty straightforward to add more components. We’re open to ideas :slightly_smiling_face:

This is not just registering a button or a checkbox. Some packages are huge, like google map, formik or react quill.

Hi @functional_bovid! Indeed it can be painful to register several components from a package right now, and it’s definitely on the roadmap to improve it. I think the current best practice would be to register components and props incrementally as you need them, since the registrations calls can be gradually improved.

Because code components is one of the latest features, there’s room for improvement wrt many aspects of it right now;

We’re first developing and making experiments to make such registrations even more powerful, for example by supporting styled templates to be defined for the components while registering them; registering default values for their slots; and adding documentation for the components and props.

On the longer term, we are also studying ways to avoid manually registering components that are commonly used.

Some ideas include: writing custom packages for common libraries which would group several registration calls; adding some built-in code components to studio; and providing a way of publishing components to a gallery/store to make them available for any project. However, I should say we’re still in the early design phases for such features, so we don’t expect to be releasing any of them anytime soon.

We’d love to know what features you’d be interested the most and are definitely open to other ideas!