Mobile design looks different than in Studio

Hi, I am dealing with a bug where the project looks right in the mobile preview in plasmic app, but when I view it on mobile device, things aren’t the way I want. My project id is ifDtPzXY7aRKHFTG3E6fqw. Could someone help?

Hi! Can you describe what’s wrong?

I think we’re encountering a similar issue. Things we noticed:
• Preview was broken for a while and then got fixed. By broken I mean weird stuff happening. I can’t even explain how it’s broken. Forgot to screenshot.
• Mobile artboard (inside editor) was broken for a while and then got fixed (the components weren’t stretching properly inside the artboard. but only for the mobile one for some reason)
• Current issue is that width property (even tho it’s set as stretch) aren’t being applied to some (not all??) components.

Preview and editor issues were ok because we can still dev and deploy properly but this latest issue is a show stopper :disappointed:

Not even overriding width could fix the issue. Hope this helps! And sorry for piggybacking on this issue :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @permanent_camel could you point me to the project you’re looking at?

Resolved! Thanks @chungwu

I am having similar issues with the mobile design being completely off from the preview. What was the resolution to this?