Modal background color not applied.

I’ve applied a background color to the modal component in Plasmic, but when using the codegen approach for the react app, the background color is not being applied. Within the Plasmic studio, everything works as expected.
I’m wondering if I might be overlooking something, or if this is potentially an issue?


That looks like an issue. I’ll see if I can reproduce it.

Ok thank you, looking forward to be hearing from you :muscle:

Hi @kindhearted_cattle, could you share your project ID? I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue (feel free to DM)

Hi @victor,

This is the project ID: giKqUTLdPG6ztkA7gUkrBg


This issue is very similar (hope it helps)

Hi @victor, have you been able to identify the issues causing the loss of styles yet?

Hi @kindhearted_cattle! Sorry for the delay, we’ve deployed a fix and it should be up in ~1h

it should be fixed now!

Hi @victor, thank you! :+1: I confirm it works now in our end aswell!