More Plume components or support custom Plume components

We have a big ask, but believe it would benefit the Plasmic user community.

Will Plasmic consider either:

  1. Provide documentation detailing how to add new React Aria UI Primitives to create new Interactive Components (Select, Checkbox, Switch, etc…)
  2. Or, Add several commonly used, including:
    a. useSlider -
    b. useComboBox -
    c. useProgressBar -

We are thinking about how to make it possible for you to build your own “interactive components”… I think it’d be super powerful, not just for primitive components, but more complicated pieces of interactions as well. But we’re not quite there yet…

It will probably be some time before we tackled more built-in interactive components :pensive: For now, you could register code components from other libraries instead…

Hmm, we’ve successfully registered and are using simple code components, that don’t require Plasmic designs, however, with more complex components, we’re having a really challenging time using the brand we’ve built in Plasmic and replacing elements in the code components. I just wrote Yang a DM. I hope you guys will discuss and consider some premium/paid support.