Multiple PlasmicRootProviders prevents accessing env vars?

Catchall with a second PlasmicRootProvider loading layout components breaks Server Environment Variables.

We are using [[...catchall]] for all pages and PLASMIC.fetchComponentData to load Header, Footer components from Plasmic into a Layout. The assumption is that because we have more than one PlasmicRootProvider that it for some reason makes us unable to access the custom env variable for ID and Token in plasmic-init.

See repo for implentation:

export const PLASMIC = initPlasmicLoader({projects: [  {    
id: process.env.PLASMIC_ID,  // ID of a project you are using    
token: process.env.PLASMIC_TOKEN  // API token for that project  }],

I tried with your repo but I am not seeing the issue… Do you have more details?