Need to wrap code component in a PlasmicRootProvider?

Hello guys! I’m having an problem when using a Code component that wraps a Plasmic component inside the Plasmic canvas. The canvas pops an error telling me that I should wrap my whole Next.js application with the PlasmicRootProvider, which currently sits around the catchall route. But it shouldn’t fail because it’s being used in a Plasmic-generated page. It even works correctly when generating the page! The only failure point is on the canvas error. Thanks, David.

Hello @ministerial_lamprey! It sounds like you need to add the PlasmicRootProvider in the plasmic-host page too. Let me know if this works!

Thanks! Should I add something to the prefetchedData there? It seems the part of the component that should contain the Plasmic component is not loading inside the canvas



Canvas result


Generated result

I think I managed to make it work in the canvas.I was having the same error until I published the project and had preview: false

Will try, thanks!