New codegen change that renames all props to camel-case?

Was there a change recently to rename all props that were passed to a code component to camelCase? entryIDdoesn’t work with this component registration but entryId does


This is a breaking change for us, and there’s no way in the UI to automatically migrate props to another prop. This means that we’ll need to do a manual update in all place so that the register meta is in sync w/ prop types

:open_mouth: that’s a bug

Is this a bug that could get resolve quickly? One of our plasmic workspace isn’t working due to large amount of items rendering in the DOM. I could make a change on my end but it’ll end up breaking once plasmic fix gets implemented :sweat_smile:

taking a look now… do you see this on the artboard or in production

i’m seeing this on the artboard

can you link me to the project

yeah this is the project

the reason it’s rendering 1000+ dom nodes is due to this check here

  if (contentType && entryID) {
    renderedData = (
      <DataProvider name={'contentfulItem'} data={entryData}>

when changed from entryID to entryId it works fine

luckily this is only in the editor and is fine when fetched

ok found the issue! a fix will go out soon

perfect thanks! :partying_face:

(should be fixed now)