Nextjs SSG pages not automatically building

Hello All! quick question about nextjs SSG…

I have a few dynamic pages / routes in the project and as per the documentation and what I’ve seen on a log I added, PLASMIC.fetchPages() does not return pages that have a dynamic piece… therefor the documentation shows we might need to do something like what is shown in the screenshot
Now this rises the following… this assumes that from the code we need to hardcode 2 things, first we need to know which page has a dynamic path, and then know how many variations there might be (or at least the minimum amount we need to support)…. am I missing something, cause that prevents from auto scaling, meaning that more dynamic pages are created they will not be built unless we change the code.
The current use case we have is a page with soomething like this /destination-page-[suffix] then we use page variations to create the different vairations we need, each variation will target a different suffix so for instance if we want something different on /destination-page-a we would create a page variation called a
now, we are trying the code to be as agnostic as possible so I’d rather avoid 1:1 mapping/hardcodes on the code… but I don’t see any workaround to get this 2 things I need…
fetch all dynamic pages
• for each dynamic page found:
◦ get the path/slug
◦ get its variations
With the above data I would be able to create a list of pages for SSG no matter what gets changed/added/removed in the plasmic project afterwards

That’s right, get static paths expects full paths including substituted values for slugs. So if you want eager instead of lazy ssg, then you’ll need to yourself provide the values that you know you want to generate, has plasmic has no knowledge of what data is available: