Not able to publish with code components to a different repo?

Not sure if I’m perhaps missing something in the docs, but I’m having an issue with Code Components.
I’ve been able to register the code component so that it appears in the studio, and it’s fully functional. I’m then attempting to publish the changes and commit them to a GitHub repo, but the component’s file doesn’t get published to the repo, so therefore I won’t be able to pull from the repo and run a server, as it’ll complain about missing a file.
(This is in a plain react project.)


Hi @furious_reindeer, the way that app hosting and code components work relies on you / your app providing the component, rather than somehow uploading your code to plasmic or some such. Typically you want where you are publishing to to be the same repo as where you are registering code components in. Let me know if that makes sense, we try to elaborate more in the app hosting docs.