Out-of-the-box errors publishing project to GitHub

Hello everyone.

I am getting some out-of-the-box errors when trying to publish a new project using Next/Typescript/Github Actions. This is happening with the most streamlined process: create a new project from template, connect github and name project, and publish. The error comes in the Github actions build process.

The first error seems fairly fixable: “External synchronous scripts are forbidden”. No problem, I’ll just import Script from “next/Script” and then call it a day. On the next attempt I get a new error “Pages with fallback enabled in getStaticPaths can not be exported.” The project is not using next export from the package.json, but it is getting called from /node_modules/.bin/next export. Im sure I could work this out myself, but I just wanted to bring this up, as the experience out-of-box hasn’t been smooth.

Thanks for the report! We’ve rolled out a fix for the first for new projects, and will be rolling it out for the second soon. For now you can fix it by removing fallback in getStaticPaths , and switching to next/Script for the preamble script. Thanks!