Page changes are not showing on my production page

I am having an older issue page changes are not shown on my production page.
It requires me to build the application again to trigger the update to get from plasmic. Is it possible to do this without triggering a build?

are you using codegen?

Hi @very_crab, it depends on how you have set up the code base.

If you are using static-page generation, then the expectation is that you are doing static builds for every update.

If you are using server side rendering or client side rendering, then you can make updates without rebuilding/redeploying

You can also do something in between with for instance incremental static regeneration in next js, as shown in the quick starts, which ensures you can get updates periodically without needing to trigger rebuilds and still enjoy static serving performance

Understood. At the moment we are not using vercel nor amplify. Have you encountered this use-case before? If so could use some support in invalidating the cache without triggering a build.

perhaps something along the line of an useEffect hook to grab the latest plasmic in runtime?

Our servers are running in AWS and as a sad Frontender I can’t access the logs without help. But I have good news. Reproduced something locally that could be the culprit

FetchError: invalid json response body at <> reason: Unexpected end of JSON input

Updating the version fails when the hydration process is taking place with the following error.

Could that be tied into ISR as well for authorisation?

Ok, reworked the solution on our end. :thumbsup: All resolved

Thank you for thinking along

Oh great to hear! What was the issue/solution?