Parallax provider seems to break all positioning across the site

is it just me or the free positioning not working anymore? Attached images for reference. The hashtag is positioned “free” on the vertical stack, with property left:0, but it’s showing on the center. I have this issue across my entire site, but yesterday everything was fine

more on this…I was experimenting with the parallax provider on one page and it seemed to break all the positioning across my site - even outside of the scope of the parallax. I removed it, reloaded and everything is working again.

and nope, that wasn’t the solution. Something is really weird, things are not being rendered properly. Some images aren’t loaded, responsive styles aren’t shown unless I re-enter their existing values. Not sure what happened

:thinking_face: can you point us to something specific that’s not rendering properly?

did you even see the images?

Yes sorry, I meant what’s not rendering correctly in the project right now (the # seems to be in the right locatio now)

kind of have to disagree, at least in my workspace it still shows in the center. And I have this issue in all pages, but not consistently, meaning that some “free” positioned elements are right where they should be whereas others aren’t. For me it’s not a big deal, as long as it is rendered properly on the actual page but I’m sure my clients will disagree.
Attached some examples (sorry about the lazy annotations).
I’m pretty sure this started when I installed the parallax package from your component’s library. I’ve uninstalled it now, but it still not very presentable.




oh! I see the issue now. Thanks!

Can you paste your plasmic-host.tsx?

I am using a .js file instead of the typescript version

import * as React from 'react';
import Script from 'next/script';
import { PlasmicCanvasHost } from '@plasmicapp/loader-nextjs';
import { PLASMIC } from '../../plasmic-init';

export default function PlasmicHost() {
  return (
    PLASMIC && (
        <Script src="<>" strategy="beforeInteractive" />
        <PlasmicCanvasHost />

I would really appreciate some assistance on this issue, it’s getting impossible for me to design component without seeing how they will actually get rendered.

Strange; now I see the hash sign in the right place again… do you see it sometimes working and sometimes not?

it was like that in the beginning, kind of randomly. Then it was definitely not working for a long time. Yesterday I was all day in plasmic and it wasn’t working anywhere. Today to my surprise it is all good.

Hi Chung. Following up on this, I think I found what was causing this render issues. I’ve been struggling with it and it wasn’t until I started debugging the data-fetching components that I realized I was passing the PlasmicRootProvider to the plasmic-host.js - not directly, but I had a Layout component (using the root provider) wrapping all pages.
I am hoping this is it…but if it is it might be worth adding it to the docs cause I can’t imagine I am the only one doing this.