PHP site not responding with pre-pass.

Hi Plasmic, We noticed earlier that a PHP site we’re running off the REST api using ?prepass=1 is no longer fetching any data on the server, so what’s shown to viewers is the intial loading state, and since it’s completely static it stays like that.

We can switch to hydrate/embedhydrate in the mean time, but we really value the instant loading that prepass gave.

This morning we realised that over the weekend the data returned by the api is now empty - {“html”:“”} - breaking it completely. This is the same request and auth that worked previously.

hi! what’s the project id?


ah… it looks like the project has user auth activated, which deactivates server-side rendering… are you using user auth with this project?

Thanks for your quick reply! No we aren’t, and menu > configure app authentication brought up an initialization flow, strange. In there I can see how to remove it clicking around quickly. For now i’ll make a new project and copy in the pages we use, which should be done ages ago anyway. Thank you!

Hm, without copy and pasting components this will take more time than we have space for at the moment, it would be better to turn off auth for the project. Is that possible?


will do

Thank you!

hi! apologies, just realized another bug causing the issue; will take a little more time to roll out the fix

this should be fixed now… please re-publish the project and try again

Thank you! I can confirm that it’s working again.