Plasmic Auth - password reset link and user password management

I am playing with Plasmic Authentication and I have added a user for tests. After adding an email to the users list there was no email sent allowing to register and set up a password. So I tried to send a password reset link to the aforementioned email address. But no email reached the destination.

Does “Password link reset” logic work? Is there a way to send a registration email to the user manually from authentication settings?

I’ve managed to log in by creating account, but then why can I manually add a user from authentication settings and such user is not automatically sent a registration link?

Great feedback, we should definitely also let you send an email when inviting a user.

By the way, where did you find the send a password reset option for a user?

When I click “I forgot my password” I am redirected to the form that lets me send the password reset link

Understood, thanks!