Plasmic CMS data loads bit slow in live site . there's few lags there . how to fix it?

Hello supppot team,
I have created the blog content in plasmic cms and integrated in plasmic projects. and checked the live site that it loads all blog content but there’ few lags when rendering cms data. I want to fix that lags. can you guys please help me on this?

Here’s the link for blog pages :

you can click on any of the blog card . it does time some time to load.

I’ll be very happy to get proper solution so that there won’t be any lags when rending cms data.


Hello @shrawan_shrestha.

The only way to not have Loading with the CMS is to make sure Server Side Rendering is working correctly for your page. As I can see in the Network tab, the requests to our CMS are currently being made client side, which causes lag.