Plasmic codegen breaks when updating to Next.js 12.3

Updating nextjs to version 12.3.0 throws error.
Downgrading it back to 12.2.5 makes it work again.

It seems to be caused by all the import '@plasmicapp/react-web/lib/plasmic.css' statements in the autogen folder.
Is anyone else having success working with plasmic + next 12.3?

Are you able to switch to the ‘CSS modules’ option of Plasmic codegen?

Hey @lesser_meadowlark, importing global CSS from node_modules should be allowed by Next.js ( I wonder if your issue has something to do with pnpm symlinking of node_modules; could you try using npm/yarn to check if it works?

(I just bootstraped a codegen project with Next.js 12.3.0 and Plasmic, using yarn, and things worked here)