Plasmic complaining unable to use provided CSS classes

Hey guys, Plasmic is complaining I’m not using the provided CSS classes but I can’t find documentation about them

can you paste the errors that you see?


Hi Saulo!

Plasmic uses className prop by default to style instances of code components. It contains a string containing the CSS classes for the component to use - in general you would want to forward this prop to the HTML element that renders the component.

For example, if HambugerMenu renders a div with the menu contents, it should work to do something like:

function HambugerMenu({className, ...otherProps}: HambugerMenuProps) {
  // Component logic...
  return <div className={className}>
    {/* ... */}

(also possible to use a prop with a different name via classNameProp in the component registration: )

got it, thanks!