Plasmic studio not showing page content

Hi Guys, we’re having trouble with one of our projects. Plasmic is not showing any page content in the studio. It’s as if the elements are there but the tree is not showing up, nothing gets displayed. Can you help us out?

Also, reverting back to an older published version gives this error

Hey @glorious_lynx! Bat signal to @victor

@victor Thanks for taking a look at this. Our team is blocked from finishing this project :dizzy_face:.

Could this already be solved?

We’re looking into it!

Hi! Sorry for the delay. It looks like the host app has two conflicting versions of @plasmicapp/host running. Are you installing both @plasmicapp/host and @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs in your package.json?

I’ll write you a PM

For reference: The issue was that there were multiple versions of @plasmicapp/host installed. One as a direct dependency and an older one via indirect dependency from @plasmicapp/react-web.

Thanks for the help @victor