Plasmic Studio slow loading issue.

We’re running into very slow loading for Plasmic Studio, which we think comes from /plasmic-host also loading very slowly. The placeholder page that shows up when browsing directly to /plasmic-host takes literal ages to load (I’ve been staring at a blank screen for 30 seconds now).

Anyone experiencing the same or has an idea how to debug/fix this?

Is this a custom app hosted project that is pointing to your own /plasmic-host? If so, yes, the load time is dependent on the load time of the host, since plasmic studio is running inside of your application

Our /plasmic-host is simply hosted on Vercel, with a NextJS app per your integration guidelines. So this is pretty odd that it takes this long, no?

Here’s the QA version:

As you can see, it takes a very long time

Just that /plasmic-host URL loads quickly for me, is this what you mean? :thinking_face:

It does seem to be better now. Could this be related to certain downtimes at Plasmic’s side?

@electric_minnow FYI I still can’t load the project on the studio:

@yang See screencast above. I do have to note that the slowliness is super random to me too. Anything we can debug here?

If you see this again, can you try to also open a non-app hosted project in plasmic to see if it loads, or if it’s specific to your origin?

And can you inspect the network tab to compare what happens when it does versus does not load?

And just as a sanity check, can you insure that you don’t have the debugger open and paused in another tab that has your origin open?