Plasmic sync action fails

Hi all,

Plasmic sync action fails with the following error on GitHub:

Sync, build and deploy
Command failed: npx plasmic sync --projects 'nbbxxx' --yes
plasmic sync

Syncs designs from Plasmic to local files.

  --version         Show version number                                [boolean]
  --auth            Plasmic auth file to use; by default, uses ~/.plasmic.auth,
                    or the first .plasmic.auth file found in current and parent
  --config          Plasmic config file to use; by default, uses the first
                    plasmic.json file found in the current or parent directories
  -h, --help        Show help                                          [boolean]
  --projects, -p    ID of Plasmic projects to sync.  If not specified, defaults
                    to all known projects.                 [array] [default: []]
  --components, -c  Names or IDs of components to sync.  If not specified,
                    defaults to all known components of existing projects, or
                    all components of new projects.        [array] [default: []]
  --include-new     If no --components are explicitly specified, then also
                    export new components             [boolean] [default: false]

Unknown argument: yes

Is there anything I can do on my end?

Best regards,

I’ve been able to circumvent the issue by syncing with plasmic-cli.

When was this repo created / what version of the CLI is installed in its package json? It sounds like it might be on an outdated version that didn’t have the yes flag defined

You are right, the version for cli in package.json was 0.0.4. Updating to the newest version solved the issue. Thank you for pointing me to that!

Great to hear!