Plasmic sync upgrade issue.

Hey Support :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been unable to do a plasmic sync for a couple weeks now, I can’t get past this upgrade issue. Any ideas?

Thank you!

➜  video-platform git:(main) npx plasmic sync
? A more recent version of @plasmicapp/react-web >=0.2.221 is required. Would you like to upgrade via "npm install --ignore-scripts @plasmicapp/react-web"? (Y/n) y
npm install --ignore-scripts @plasmicapp/react-web
npm ERR! Cannot read properties of null (reading 'matches')

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in: /Users/ordin/.npm/_logs/2023-06-09T05_26_00_036Z-debug-0.log
Cannot add @plasmicapp/react-web to your project dependencies. Please add it manually.

Plasmic error: Upgrading @plasmicapp/react-web is required to continue.

Hi @yang , any ideas?

Hey Ordin! It looks like your lock file is corrupted. Can you try removing it and the node_modules folder.

You can also clear the cache after npm cache clean --force

thank you @samuel. That did solve the issue.