Plasmic thinks there are duplicate variant names when there aren't

The functionality to detect variants with the same name is not working correctly. Expected Link and Download Link . Got Link Download Link2 . Is broken if Link appears at the end but not the middle of the string.

However Link Download is fine

Hey @dirty_alpaca! Can you share the project ID? Is it possible that you have some other prop with that name (“download link”)? See

Yeah I can work around it I will PM you the projectID, would it be a prop in another component? Screenshot has all the variants included in that component

It might be any slot, meta prop or element in that component

Shouldn’t my other variant Link be Link2 then?

Hmmmm… I don’t think the “Link” variant is related to the issue. The problem is that studio is renaming “Download Link” to “Download Link2”, right?

Gotcha, yeah it is the Download Link being renamed to Download Link2