Popover not displayed correctly in small screens

Hi Plasmic Team,

It seems popover ANT component is not being displayed correctly in small screens when using the codegen approach for the react app because of the popover nested styles not being applied. Within the Plasmic studio, everything works as expected.

cc: @victor Tagging you since you have been close to similar issues as below:


we merged a fix for this yesterday; could you try syncing again?

Hi @chungwu,

it seems the issue is present when the popover component is inside the tab content component (from @plasmicpkgs/plasmic-tabs).

Besides the issue on displaying it in small screens (as in the screenshot above), there it seems the styles are lost because also the text color is black (and not our main text color that was set)

cc: @victor

Hi guys @icaro @tiago @yang

Do you have any idea what may be causing the issue here?

Hi @samuel any chance on fixing this issue? Or should we use a custom code component for now?

Hi @kindhearted_cattle, I’m still trying to reproduce this issue. Does it happen if you publish a new version (to ensure it’s not using cached responses from before the fix)?

Hi @victor, thanks for the follow-up.
I confirm that also when publishing a new version, the issue is still present

Could you share your project ID?

Thanks, just sent you a DM!