Position fixed doesn't seem to be working

Has there been a change to Position Fixed in the last day or two? Something weird is happening with one of our components, and we haven’t made any changes. Interestingly enough, it’s still rendering broken in previous versions as well.

To provide additional context, we have a component named Modal The modal component contains a vertical box nested immediately under root with Push to Cover Position Fixed applied. Then, we render the appropriate variant as needed. For some reason, it was working a couple days ago.

We found a work-around, where we’ve changed the Push to Cover Position Fixed at the instantiation, and it worked for now. It just doesn’t seem like the cleanest implementation, and I’m curious what has changed that would cause that to break.

Hi @parliamentary_trout! Sorry about that. We didn’t make any modifications in positioning elements on our side recently. I will have to take a look to find out what’s happening.