Preventing styles on code components, importing external CSS

Hello Plasmic team. We are exploring the features of Plasmic and we got to some questions that we have not been able to address so far:

  1. Is there any way to block certain configuration capabilities on imported components (for instance, not allowing changing the colors or padding, and so on)
  2. Is there a way to import an external CSS configuration to be used (I don´t know if there would be some capability of working around the Mixins for this)

By “imported” components, do you mean code components? or do you mean components imported from another Plasmic project?

Code components. We have some imported and would like to control the updating of certain features…

ah, not at the moment; right now we show all style controls for code components… We will think about this! Can you be more specific about exactly what you want to limit?

When we are importing a component to be manipulated, the repository already comes with a visual configuration based on some templating features we have. If the designer that uses the components modifies the L&F on the imported component, the old CSS get overridden by the Plasmic config. We were trying to find a way to avoid that…

sorry what is… L&F :joy:

Look & Feel

ah gotcha. To be more specific, which sections on the right panel would you disallow? I imagine Position and Margin would still be fair game (for positioning the component instance), but most other ones would not?

Yes, sir, exactly.