Preview in new window feature not working on mobile

About a week ago, the “Preview in new window” feature stopped working on both mobile Chrome and DuckduckGo for Android. It still works correctly on Chrome desktop Version 93.0.4577.82 (Official Build) (64-bit). Any idea of what may have happened? Pages seem to load (about 30 seconds), then crash. Thank you for any thoughts! Project a8UHAHhMLM5CFgoahwUQPt

Hey @easy_jellyfish - I tested in my Android phone and I can reproduce the issue in your project (although not in a simpler one I tried). No errors are logged in our end, so I’m not sure what’s happening. We will need to investigate further to find out.

Thank you for letting me know. It was all working perfectly. Not sure if anything I’ve done in Studio caused the problem.

@tiago Also tested on iPhone XS Max on iOS 14.8 on Safari, Chrome and Duckduckgo and it’s broken.

Wondering if there’s a way I can help debug? I’m working on a mobile app, and it’s difficult to imagine how designs will render on real devices. Thank you.

@chungwu Possible to take a look when you get a chance please? I still can’t preview from any mobile phone (tested many different phones), which is problematic for mobile app development. The pop-out preview update seems to have broken this feature. Thank you!

Yes, taking a look!

Is there an update here please? Thank you.

We’ve tried a few things to improve loading here, but I believe we are still ending up using too much memory, crashing the browser :pensive: This will be harder to fix, but we may be able to provide a live preview mode that does not actively listen for live updates to the project… :thinking_face:

Update: in the preview-full url you’re opening on your mobile device, try adding ?noObserve=true at the end. This will avoid doing some expensive work so it’ll actually load on the phone… But the trade-off is that as you make edits on your laptop, it no longer automatically updates on the phone; you’ll have to reload the phone to see the updates.

@chungwu This seems to work well for now! You have no idea how much I appreciate it. :pray: No big deal that the updates aren’t in real time.


Hello !

i’m facing the same issue as “easy_jellyfish” . I tried the ?no0bserve=true thing at the end of my URL, but it doesn’t seem to work. The page seem to constantly try to reload itself :’(

Any idea what can i do. I’m trying plasmic for my website, which i want to design as mobile first, and i want to preview it in a device.

My project id is : m7hSwHBz9MN4UAQiuRjyfX

Thank you