Project not visible on GitHub.

hello guys, is it normal to publish the plasmic project (with push to github) - and there not being any changes visible on the github project afterwards? It’s just one main branch and all files are still the same as old.

Can you check the Github Actions tab? We usually do not merge the new code, just trigger a rebuild of the site.

Ok this seems different than a while ago. I used to push, and have everything appearing in vwrcel through GitHub without any extra config.

The GitHub actions shows activity at the time.of the plasmic push. The only code in the project is that which plasmic is generating btw. Only one branch: main.

Unclear to me what to do next.

What should I do next?

Oh, it should be updating in vercel without any extra config, we just don’t merge any new code

Is the website not updating even after the build?

On vercel there’s no update after the plasmic build. if I understand correctly the flow is plasmic > GitHub > vercel

So the vercel site has stale data?

Yes. That’s right. In the dashboard and on the published domain.

Can you DM me the project ID and published site?