Quarkly supports inserting code

Quarkly supports code insert. I hope Plasmic can do it too.

Plasmic has a different philosophy, where components are synced down to your codebase and wrapped by your own components.
I prefer this as it allows for more freedom.

What I would like to see however is the ability to insert css.
Eg. I want this component to have a linear background and instead of configuring it manually, I just want paste some styles I have in code.

This can also be done with overrides inside react, be addressing the element that needs to he styled by it‘s name as a prop.

But I do think it would be neat to add some styling inside the ui, to save time and unclutter your code.

Yeah I agree, Plasmic is more powerful in different ways! I actual prefer not being able to put in code (although I do like the idea of CSS @still_peacock) but it makes your codebase more consolidated

How about installing packages from npm? Quarkly and Softr both support it.

You cannot have both custom components and CSS in code.

I think the place uses a custom component is where you need to borrow code from widgets like MUI or ChartJS. The easiest way to do that is to copy the code and paste in it. Quarkly and Softr both use this way and it works well. Plasmic have better performance in figma import, css styling. I suggest Plasmic putting this feature in the list.

Hey @xeric_locust, Plasmic supports using custom React components (from your own codebase or imported from npm libraries) directly as building blocks in Plasmic Studio: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/code-components/ Does that work for your use case?

@tiago I mean like this.

Hi @xeric_locust, I believe that is what we call code components in Plasmic: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/code-components/ Let me know if that helps.

@tiago Yes, I know that. But no need registering a component. This is super handy to install packages and borrow their code. Also more friendly and readable for nested components.