Question about Plasmic pricing

Question about Plasmic pricing

If I have 10 components I inject into my frontend page (non-plasmic), I notice the browser will fire 10 capture analytics events. Does this count as 10 pageviews? or is it 1 pageview since they’re all coming from the same IP and page url?

Also where can I monitor my page views on

Hi @ordinary_warbler, this counts as one page view. For now you can check the number of page views by going to your team page and adding /analytics to the URL. Please let me know if that helps!

thanks for the clarification @yang

since I am on the free try as I play around with plasmic, analytics opens but asks me to upgrade to see any data

Hi @ordinary_warbler, can you please try again? You should no longer be seeing that paywall

@yang I confirm that it opened now with no paywall

But I cant select my project hence showing nothing, which is weird because my page does call /capture plasmic endpoint when it loads

@ordinary_warbler Is your project located within your team?

you’re right
I will move it and check in a few hours if it collects analytics