Question on modifying reserved code in self-hosted platforms

@jason @chungwu

follow up to the question asked in HackerNews … I’m having a hard time phrasing the question, so if you get confused, I understand. But I’m curious that if you end up self hosting a platform, use your self-hosted platform to create a project, and then publish the project as codegen, and then modify the reserved code, if that is a viable option as opposed to if you weren’t self hosting it. Does that make sense?

I think it’s possible to self-host Plasmic and use codegen. What you do after you generate the code is your decision. Like all generated code, it’s never recommended to modify it, and regenerating the code will result in conflicts to resolve.

ok, that answers my next question about “stripping plasmic out” of the code

And your response helps me with the root of the question I wanted to ask … if you do modify the generated code and there are conflicts to resolve; if you’re self hosting, you’re more likely able to actually resolve the conflicts as compared to if you weren’t, right?

I don’t think self hosting will help in resolving conflicts.

If you are self hosting, you could change the code generation to output whatever you like; that way you don’t need to modify and resolve conflicts.

lovely, OK, I knew self hosting had some added benefit when it came to the code generation life cycle