Questions about code component registration

Good afternoon a little confused what is the difference:

  1. registration of components or import?

  2. Can I register components that are not actually in my codebase? it seemed to me or is it so and it is said here or is this an example of how to register a component that is already in my code base?

  1. Can you explain more what this question means?
  2. That example is a snippet from the user’s codebase - all registrations are run in your application, even if they are registrations of components defined in some npm package that your code imports
  1. In the documentation, I saw two concepts that it is possible to register components in plasmic and import that’s the difference in these methods …? 2. Yes, I understand that this is done from my code, I meant can I not create components at all, as I would create them if I just used nextjs without plasmic and immediately start registering them in plasmic-init? or should the component be in my components folder from the beginning and only then can I register it in Plasmic-init?
  1. Oh got it, I think usually when we talk about importing components we mean from other plasmic projects, not from code
  2. Yes, you can just register your components that are from npm for instance

There are some examples of this in the GitHub repo for

Thank you very much!