Quota, targeting nested elements, transitions

Couple of rapid-fire questions:

• Is there any way to see my current quota usage?
• When I use something like a pressed state, is there anyway to target nested elements with it? For instance with CSS , if I’m hovering over a div, I can add text alignment to it, which will affected the nested elements.
• Same question for transitioning elements. I have some text nested inside a div, and when I hover over the div, I want to transition that text away. Is that possible?

• There isn’t, but we also do not currently enforce quota.
• Yes: right-click the div, create component, switch to editing it (via the project nav), and add an interaction variant for the Hover state. Then you can simply style anything in the component when in that state.
• In that Hover interaction variant, set the text’s opacity to 0. Then (also from the right sidebar, toward the bottom) add a transition.