Re-importing project reset all my containers

After re-importing components from another project, it resets all of my Responsive Column, and Stacks. My tablet and mobile mocks revert to desktop styles in the studio. Grids maintain the screen-specific styles.
• This appears to be a studio bug with columns and stacks.
• When I click the play button I see my old correct styles.
• And, when I go back to studio I still see the incorrect visuals.
• Refreshing the studio URL fixes this.
It was a stressful moment where I thought that I lost a lot of work, and me trying to ‘fix’ things made it worse. For the future I’ll know that I need to refresh the entire page url before I try to fix the styles.

I imagine this is a bug that you guys can fix and save editors a heart attack :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the report! In the future, you can also regularly publish your work. This will save a version that you can revert back to later in case something goes wrong.

I have this project set up to push changes live on publish. So we do quality control by editing our style guide project, importing it, then publishing. This happened to be a longer stretch between publishing a new feature