Removing the plasmic directory and re-running plasmic sync throws error

If I drop “components/plasmic” folder, run “plasmic sync” and build my app again I get:

Could not resolve '../library_plasmic_color_type/plasmic_library_plasmic_color_type.module.css' from src/components/plasmic/startup_js/PlasmicHome.tsx

this prevents me from deploying to vercel currently :confused:

Using => Found “@plasmicapp/cli@0.1.184”

the folder “library_plasmic_color_type” doesn’t exist locally

could you try removing your plasmic.lock file and sync again?

Seems to do the trick thank you!

it starts again on 2nd build though

I have to remove the plasmic.lock from the git repo altogether

Is that safe to .gitignore it? Isn’t this file useful for CI (like a yarn.lock) ?

hmm something’s wrong then; could you DM me the projects you’re syncing?