Rest Api Filter, search help please

I am just getting to play with plasmic. I must tell, it’s a very powerful and versatile platform. I could try some templates and am enjoying the plasmic levels challenge, that’s very unique and helpful, am in level 4.

I am stuck with a project of mine. Building a conference app for delegates to view program schedule, bookmark, register and submit abstracts etc. I am using Rest Api Nocodb/MySQL for auth and data.

I could display the program schedule beautifully. I am stuck with

  1. Search bar (added a text input) and linking to the repeater to filter it. Your shopify example has built in prop for search but how do I do that with rest API? Not getting a grip on variants/states etc still.

  2. Also, have put a button on top to filter the repeater card which when clicked should filter the data “Day” wise Day1, Day2, Day 3. How to link that?. Tried on click actions, but not successful.

Searched forum also.

Your help would be very much appreciated.

My project id is gPfSgXNN1NxaRsEQYpvsoY


Sorry for the delay!

  1. In your repeat, set it to a code expression like:
$ => item.Topic.toLowerCase().includes($state.textInput.value.toLowerCase()))
  1. Building on the above - add a state variable Day, make the button set it to 1, and update the filter:
$ => item.Topic.toLowerCase().includes($state.textInput.value.toLowerCase()) &&

Here’s also a video:

Let me know if that helps!