RichTable code generation causes runtime error.

RichTable code generation is causing a runtime exception.

 411 |               data-plasmic-override={overrides.table}
  412 |               className={classNames("__wab_instance", sty.table)}
> 413 |               data={$}
      |                                        ^
  414 |               fields={(() => {
  415 |                 const __composite = [
  416 |                   {
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'data')

Changing the code to

              className={classNames('__wab_instance', sty.table)}
              fields={(() => {
                const __composite = [

fixes the issue.

The table is bound with:

Hello @attainable_catshark. To unblock you for now and fix your generated code, you can click on Switch to code and change the expression in studio.

I will be taking a look fix the issue, thanks for your report.

I found that if I switch my Table Props Data binding to code I can fix the query code myself with$queries.remoteData? . But I think by default Plasmic should generate more resilient code.

I agree! We are working on a fix for this